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Why RGB|Connects.   First and foremost I am a connector.  I am a business and jobs connector that happen to know a large number of people and I gladly tell them about each other when the time presents itself. I know people that are in many areas across an array of social, cultural, professional, and even economic circles. And I make it my habit to introduce these people to each other when I sense one of them can be helped by the other and vise versa, again when the time presents itself.  Minded you, I am cautious also.

It’s true that no one succeeds in this world as an Island. We all need each other as we move towards our own goals and  we also need to connect with people that matter in our own industry.  You have probably heard my story where I relate that I couldn’t have made it where I am today, without the help of other people connecting me to the right sources.

RGB=Rosa Gives Back

RGB is Rosa Gives Back and Connects.     Giving Back is my ultimate ladder. Why is giving back so important? This type of give back has nothing really to do with charity. It has to do with the attitude of a lot of our top executive females. When they make it to the top, they feel that because they struggled hard to get there, that others should get there the same way.

They really don’t understand that the more you pull others up the higher you will go.

As top women execs, most of our mentors were men and we don’t feel that we owe our fellow females climbers anything,  This is the vicious circle we have been living in. Even the rhetoric in books and in the news, call us backstabbers to one another and  they point out that without a male counterpart to guide us, we wouldn’t have made it to the top.  I know you have heard this. But do you really believe it?

Why aren’t there more women-owned and run companies? Why is it still a new phenomenon to have an all-female executive board? Why when we do start helping another group of women,  even they are distrustful of the help?  The answer is that we as women have been conditioned, more than we know.   Most of you still feel guilty if you have to work late and your husband and child are at home.

Some of us solve that problem,  we just don’t get married or give up on having children.  But  I see it as the same thing.  You have just told yourself that you can’t work in a man’s world and still be a woman.

So what do we do about this?  Have you heard of the “good ole boys network” I know many of you young ladies, might not unless you read about it in a book?  But, it’s still alive and strong.   It’s just more underground than before, because of the “me too” movement.  I JEST!  But the women’s movement did put it underground.  However, that is a story in itself.  But since it’s still alive and well, let’s find out what we can do to make all the 100 plus women network groups out there be of use to more women.

Since I am only a small business entrepreneur, I don’t have the clout to fight at the top. We will have to start from the ground up. But I will be taking the elevator!

We will look at why this phenomenon is, but, we will not dwell on it too long.  Then we will look at our competition the male counterpart and figure out what they are doing that we could do better.  spoiler alert – (that’s what they are afraid of). Then we will find out about all the” wonder” women out there that are trying very hard to help each other. (with limited funds and  in limited areas) this is one reason why you have not heard about them. Then we will find out what you need to get to the next level and finally connect with the right source that will aid you in your sustainable growth.

Sustained growth was our bottom line all the time, we just needed to change our approach.   Working together with total trust and conviction we will make this approach work for the many extraordinary women out there that never had a chance    Now that is what giving back is all about.


Because this is the underlining message that I want my purpose to be.   I want to provide the best information to my women entrepreneurs on the business environment and the funding strategies available to them that will make their business reach higher levels than ever thought possible.   This can only be achieved by adding the next element of women helping women.  I will coordinate givebacks until it hurts!   I will use the leverage of the two websites. The I Know Lucky Moon site will seek to work with and support women-owned brands in the eco-friendly arena. While supporting their products we will also verbally support their cause and their reason for being.  Other women entrepreneurs will be able to benefit from this.

With the People First Insurance Group site will support the B2B aspect of the women-owned business and the strategies needed that will take each woman home entrepreneur to the top.  We will first, find and cultivate the many great businesses out there and then give them the opportunity to work and help one another.  There are many hidden gems of funding sources for women by women.   Let’s bring them to the forefront together.

But as I said before, we will start slowly and then the elevator ride.  So, first, let’s start with finding them and getting them on board.  Are you with me?  If you understand where we are going and support this effort, I would appreciate your feedback and by all means your input and suggestions. This is something that I have wanted to do for a long time but never had the platform to make it happen until now.  I know we can do this, what about you?

This is just the introduction. The start of this project is way overdue and I hope that you will follow me on my journey.



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