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It’s also worth noting that any food labeled “100% organic” does not contain any GMO ingredients, because U.S. law prohibits this. However, if a product is simply labeled “organic,” it may contain some GMOs (30Trusted Source).

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Water is an effective aid in weight loss. Aside from its basic hydration roles, water removes fat by-products and could compel a person to feel fuller and eat less once consumed before a meal.

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Hand washing could also serve as protection from respiratory illnesses. Conditions like the common cold or influenza transfer from one person to another by touch but can be avoided with proper practices. By washing hands properly, uninfected individuals could lessen the risks. .

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There is a better way of walking outside. Spending time outdoors especially in green spaces has been proven to improve self-esteem and reduce negative thoughts.

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Iknowluckymoon goes Eco-Friendly

  Let’s find out why  IKLM products decided to go Eco-friendly in the first place.  We all know about our need to save the planet and how the usage of certain things is bad for you and the planet.  We all hear about how plastic is really bad. We try to be eco-friendly by cutting down on our own usage of plastic bags.   We hear about the toxins in foods, so we try to buy organic more. And we really feel that we have played our part in becoming eco-friendly.   But, what if your family’s health was a stake?  What happens when our choices come back to haunt us, as it did with our family. It was a health crisis that made us start looking for alternatives and better answers to eco-friendly products.  That’s where the IKLM storage bags story comes in.

The IKLM Story

I know Lucky Moon products is an inspiring online collaboration between two entrepreneur moms who felt passionately about the need to create meaningful connections with other women entrepreneurs.  The IKLM story is about them finding out about being eco-friendly and a new way to connect with others to help save the planet. Being women who have enjoyed rich and diverse life experiences they wanted to share their unique philosophy with others to help them appreciate and love the world that we live in. In their homeland culture, they were taught to appreciate nature and a healthy family.  But some way they had gotten away from both. So how do you go from conspicuous consumption to eco-conscious?   Let see what Lucky and Moon found out.

The Wake-up Call

The wake-up call was when all her family became sick.  Lucky was aware that plastic was not good for you in some instances, she was also aware that it was made up of petroleum products and possibly that it emits greenhouse gasses. She even discovered later that the most used type of plastic, single-use plastic, was derived from harmful ethane. But that didn’t deter her from her daily usage. The wake-up didn’t happen until her family’s health became the focal point and that made her realize that the container dinners she had been ordering frequently, was slowly making her family sick. After Covid,  her family had started a strong dependency on home food delivery.   That’s also when her family started expressing numerous health-related complaints.  First, from her husband, who started having constant headaches. Next, Lucky began having stomach issues.  But what really woke her up was when their five-year-old started having health issues that required a visit to the doctor. When the doctor mentioned that it was likely a condition brought on by toxic buildup. Lucky thought that it was for the outside foods.

There were Additives in the Containers

Then after doing a little research, Lucky began to understand that the healthy food they were ordering was always delivered in some type of plastic container.  To confirm her theory further research informed Lucky that plastic manufacturers often include “additives ” to enhance their plastic container’s  performance, this was according to a 2009 study by Mike Neal and Dr. Anthony Andrady (published in Philosophical Transactions B). Lucky thought about all of this and about their eating habits and all the ways the food was handled coming from the numerous eateries.  Because she was an entrepreneur mom and her family had very busy days. The convenience of fast food delivery worked well for their hectic schedule. However, after the doctor visit, Lucky became keenly aware of the need to get her family’s health back on track and  started to embrace an eco-friendly way of doing so. Lucky’s mindfully sought out eco-friendly products that would give her family a healthy lifestyle.

Why Go Green with IKLM Silicone Bags

As a answer to Lucky’s health scarce and her determination to find a better solution to toxic plastic.  IKLM Silicone bags have proven that they are the best green alternative to plastic containers and storage bags on the market. For one reason, a piece of silicone can be used for much longer than a similar piece of plastic. Silicone resists oxidative deterioration (normal aging) for decades on end. In fact, studies have shown that silicone thrives on challenges, including exposure to extreme heat and cold, harsh chemicals, sterilization, rain, snow, salt spray, ultraviolet radiation, ozone, and acid rain, just to name a few. Consumer advocate Debra Lynn Dadd conducted her own research into silicone rubbers and says silicone “is not toxic to aquatic or soil organisms, it is not hazardous waste, and while it is not biodegradable, it can be recycled after a lifetime of use.” If disposed of properly at recycling sites, the silicone (unlike plastic) is taken and converted back into inorganic, harmless ingredients: amorphous silica, carbon dioxide, and water vapor.  

The Benefits of Silicone compared to Plastic

Are you curious about the benefits of silicone as compared to plastics? Silicone is also odor and stain-resistant. It’s hygienic and hypoallergenic with no open pores to harbor bacteria making it great for food containers and lunch bags. It does not fade or scratch. The key to being a careful consumer is to only buy high-quality silicone that’s food safe. Not all silicone is created equal. To reduce costs, some manufacturers add fillers to the product. Luckily there is a simple way to tell: pinch and twist a flat surface on the item. If white shows through, the product contains filler.

How are IKLM bags different?

In IKLM bags you are able to store all types of foods including snacks for lunch and school, sandwiches, fruits, veggies, soups, marinades, all types of meats, chicken, seafood, and even pet foods in them because they come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. And the bags are useful inside the house as well as outside. Ask the BBQer of the family Well, remember the Pyrex dish? IT WAS promoted as useful from the freezer to the oven to the table and then to the dishwasher.  It looks like we have a storage bag champ that can do that and more, depending on your needs. If you don’t want to put them in the dishwasher, they are also easily washed by hand. Because of their sustainable eco-friendly design, one obvious advantage to using silicone bags is that they can be reused over and over just like glass cookware. And the silicone product lasts just as long. That part has not been tested by me yet. From my hands-on testing of the product, I have gathered some nice pros and cons, that I will be breaking down in more detail later in my next review.


IKLM silicone bags were founded on the concept of safety and reusability, They are useable, durable, eco-friendly, and also help to reduce waste. Waste reduction ( especially plastic waste) is the other part of the concept that will help us save the planet. More discussion on non-plastic use later.   While using the IKLM Silicone Storage Bag Story, I will follow all of IKLM products to make sure they are following their concept of “Purpose Driven Consumption”


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Einstein quote, “We Cannot Solve Our Problems with the Same Thinking We Used When We Created Them.”
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Those who define themselves good and right will end up behaving worse, because they believe themselves to be justified in any case.
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