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Entrepreneurs Get Your Time Back and Prosper

Mompreneurs, how do you get your time back,  build your business, and not feel guilty?

It might seem like a marvelous luxury to dream of the day that you will be able to sleep a bit longer and to start work in your bathrobe or better yet, get the kids off to school and go back to bed.  It would be very nice indeed to not be tied down. But if you are in transition and still have an outside job also, it can be more stressful than normal at home.  Therefore, finding time to get your work done can actually end up presenting a problem for you.

Suddenly, when you start your new business from home,  you find that there are things that need to be done at home and you find you are the one that needs to do them. There are errands to be run, little emergencies, and phone calls that you never had time to do before you started to work from home and there are things that you are trying to finish up,  that your family thinks you can put aside for later .  You were working all day when they were gone, right?  You might find that it’s harder to find the time to work from home because suddenly there is a lot more need for your time than you thought there was. Because with your home business you are your own boss, so, who is to tell you how to allocate your time. So, you feel guilty. And then, at the end of the day, you discover that you have not gotten any work done! You wonder if it’s possible to be an entrepreneurial mom and work from home.  What you need is not more time in your day but a way to manage your time and be more productive. 

Look at the following strategies,  and see if you will now be able to get your time back and even grow your home business.

Spend Time on What really matters?

Everyone sees time as a physical thing that they need to get the job done.  However, we all are given the same amount of time.  You see, it’s how and what you do with that time that matters.  What you’re really seeking is a way to achieve your goals while having time to spend on what matters.

It is not easy.  And if it was easy everybody would be well on their way.  However, it is possible and I will tell you why.  Because I did it!   My ‘time to succeed’ strategies is from years of experiences and failures.  They are the same time-saving productive boost that I now use in my businesses and with my clients.  I know they will help you to make the most of every minute when working your business and taking care of your family. If that’s what really matters to you.

What makes you productive in life you may ask?  Well, it is not that day planner or that to-do list. (They just help us focus)
Writer Charles Duhigg defines productivity as “making certain choices in certain ways” that moves us from being “merely busy” to “genuinely productive” in his book Smarter Faster Better.

What does productivity mean to you?

While our end goal for saving time is personal, productivity is always about getting the results you want with less time and effort.

For over 20 years, I raised my family and took care of my spouse while I had a business, a job, and even a side business . I was even fired from one of my “real” jobs because they felt my side business competed with them.  But as I worked outside  and  in the  home, I was very conscious about letting my family know how important they were to me. Because they were my end goal.

For example, if I went on  a business trip, I included them, I exposed them to my work office, or involved them in special projects.

It might sound sappy, or not  a high level business image. But, I recommend being involved in your family’s life and keeping them involved in yours. The guilt can kill you if you don’t.  Especially if you have small kids. 

We have to know what productive means to us.


{All too often you lose sight of your end goal when thinking about what you want to achieve. This results in creating meaningless to-do lists, not better life management. You get swept up in the short-term tasks you’ve listed instead of pursuing your higher purpose. The more clarity you have regarding your end goal, the more likely you are to achieve it. Once you know what you really want, you start making progress to achieve it.}


Better life management is not all about achieving peak physical health and getting ahead at work. It’s also essential to take time every day to cultivate relationships with those you love. Planning for date nights and opportunities for deeper connection is crucial to creating a healthy relationship with your partner. Reserving time to play with, read to and talk to your kids about their day is vital to developing bonds with your children. Don’t view the time you take to relax and connect as wasted time. Instead, see it as an important life management component that adds to your overall well-being.



How to get Time Back from Family

We all experience vulnerability.  And it affects the way we deal with our family and loved ones. And one of the things we do is overcompensate to protect ourselves.  But this is a defeating mechanism that actually takes our time.   We must learn to first be honest with ourselves, about ourselves. Then be honest with our family about what we really want.  Make your actions truly consistent with your words and your beliefs and your family will honor and respect you and even give you their time.

Now the scheduling starts

Now  you may ask why should you physically  schedule? Doesn’t that take time?   The most obvious answer is that you’ll have more free time to do the things you enjoy doing. If you’re able to reach your goals sooner, that leaves you time to set and achieve other goals, whether that’s relaxing with  your family or starting a new business. Scheduling can actually  decrease life stressors.  You won’t be running  all over the place trying to get everything done, you’ll see your duties completed in a timely manner. By scheduling your next project you’ll be able to get more done with less – less time, less money and less human capital. This will lead to improving your cash flow and revenue by increasing your efficiency.

What are some tools you can use to schedule your time? What does your perfect day look like? In scheduling you should build what your want your day to look like every day from the moment you get up until you go to bed. Set up a routine and hold yourself accountable for it.

Then you can have a family meeting and set a planner/scheduler with everyone’s plan for a month on it.  This will test how their plans fit around your work schedule and vice versa.  This is the Scheduling phase of your get time plan and its very important to set time limits and understand space limits.  More on that later.

Get Time Back with the Right Resources

“By finding people that embody the type of meaningful productivity that resonates with you, you can start to visualize what makes you productive, both at work and at home.
Look for someone who’s got a clear vision for their day, sets limits on their time and even gets projects done early.  read about how they designed their particular structure and if they’re using any tools. You can start to design your own method based on theirs.”

Next comes the organizing of your resources to get the best out of them.  There are a number of resources from business start-up to onboarding.    Make sure you understand all that you can about the needs of your business and the needs of your audience.  This is where you set up the physical mechanics of the business.  From websites, stores, office automation, campaigns and finding partners, online hiring, and onboarding.

But let us not forget that these are just tools at our disposal to help us in our job, and not the job.

How to Save time and money

Now you need the proper resources to help you create wealth.  Now we need to save time and money by creating and setting up a model that will work when you are sleeping.  Remember saving time is money. But wouldn’t be nice to make money while you sleep.


Where do you get the time you need to build your business and take care of your family and not feel stressed or guilty about it?

These are  my steps to how to be super productive when working as a mompreneur from home.   If you apply these steps to being highly productive in your business and at home, you will be unstoppable.

Build these strategies into your day and you will see a new you.  You’ll get a lot more done and much faster!

Remember that  a person being busy all the time is not the same as being productive.

This individual is constantly moving through tasks, pushing deadlines and seemingly trapped under a pile of duties that seems to grow each day. We often equate being busy with being productive, but they aren’t the same thing.

AS you unlock  what productivity really is ,”” you won’t be chasing deadlines or running five steps behind on everything you need to get done in a day, week, month or year. Quite the contrary; you’ll probably be ahead of schedule. You won’t feel stressed and anxious about your endless to-do list. You’ll feel on top of the world.””

Once you have successfully mastered your time you will understand the greatness you are truly capable of achieving.”

Remember, there’s a big difference between movement and achievement; while to-do lists guarantee that you feel accomplished in completing tasks, they don’t ensure that you move closer to your ultimate goals. There are many ways to increase your productivity; the key is choosing the ones that are right for you and your ultimate goals.

As you work toward becoming more productive, you’ll cut down on wasted time and you’ll get back to focusing on what it is you really care about.

Take Control of Your Time

With a clear vision in mind, you can use life management services such as a Massive Action Plan to determine your actions with purpose and make true progress toward your goals. As Tony Robbins says, “One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power. Most people dabble their way through life, never deciding to master anything in particular.” Decide to get your time back . Take control of your time and make your actions count.


Prioritize your business growth activities and ideas


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