A Funding Introduction to Why Apply at All



Madame Connector is here, to help you connect.  My goal is to help you connect to the help you need in the quickest way possible.   I have helped many businesses and individuals gain access to the funds and information they so desperately needed.   Let’s make the application process seamless together.   I will give you straight information that won’t waste your time and you will be connected with reliable resources that provide clear, understandable information that’s easy to follow. Wouldn’t you like to complete that application in minutes, instead of hours?   Well, the information is all out there on the internet.  But, it seems to be written in legalize or something.  I will take on the challenge of dissecting the government or legal talk and break it down to where I can even understand it.

For example, just the other day I was online completing an application and after the name and address section, it started asking me for this and for that.  Well, I knew my birthdate, but not my dL # had to get up and go get my driver’s license.  I knew where I worked last, but they wanted the physical address.  And it went on and on.  I had to stop a number of times to get more information.

I’m a busy person and I know you are.  Why couldn’t they have stated before the application what would be needed?    Make life simpler not harder.

Believe me, that’s what’s happening with the PPP application.  It’s one of the easiest funding apps I have seen lately, but most people are not completing it because they don’t understand what is needed or what’s meant by certain words.  After this explanation, you will be able to complete it in 10-15 mins tops.


First, let’s start with, Should You be filling it out, in the first place?  What do you need to qualify for it?

One of the first things is that “May”  of course you may not qualify, that’s obvious.  Most people won’t qualify.  Did they write it to make sure lawyers get some work?

Well if you have never received a PPP loan grant you can apply for one.

To qualify you need to have been open and working on Feb 15th. And can prove that.

If you paid one person up to 500 employees you qualify.

The following types of companies and businesses qualify

  • You are a sole proprietor, independent contractor, or an eligible self-employed individual;
  • You are a not for profit, including a church;
  • You are a Section 501(c) organization such as a housing cooperative, business league, or similar organization with 300 or fewer employees; or
  • You are a qualifying news organization or and tribal business with 500 or fewer employees.

People understood that companies with no more than 300 or 500 people could qualify, but they never said that they could be a business of one also,  and still qualified.  Why because they said, employees.   Usually, you don’t consider yourself an employee of one.  But you are.



Well the PPP is officially over. But believe it or not, there is something else out there just like it.   These are the catches and tricks that people are not aware of.   So, this will be a clearing up of some misconceptions and a clarification of others.    My next writings will be more about “What is a ________” and What do they mean by ___” blog that will also give you some applications to pursue, using easy guidelines.   The more we practice the better we get and the better we get the more money we can get.  Hope to put you in a position for the next big money, it is not just for the Big Guys.  


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    1. Thank you. This is a passion of mine to research and help people with the correct information. Right now I am burning my candle at both ends and have too many irons in the fire. So I have not been working on this topic. But I did get and help a client from it and get your wonderful comment. Thanks.

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