Affiliate Products that Help Grow Your Business


To build your affiliate marketing business fast, you should research and start with the best product available.


7 of the Best Product to Choose first

First, what are some of the best products and how do you get to them.

Blogs built on platforms such as WordPress and Blue host allow users to add various forms of brand promotion to their personal space  These little perks include Google Adsense ads and affiliate links from other companies.


Adding Affiliates links to your website can bring in a considerable profit. But first, you must prepare. Unprofessional linking practices will harm your credibility.  It could also set you up for legal fines and even losing traffic.


These are some tasks you need to perform before you add affiliate links to your blog.  They ensure a smooth transition for you and your audience.

The task to Perform before Adding Affiliates

1.Write targeted and high-quality content

2. Add link disclosures throughout your website

3.  Find the perfect link management tool ( pretty link, or lasso)

4.  You need a good keyword finder app. to get the right brands under your name.

To find the best link management tool, you must consider what features you’ll look for.  Do you need tracking, conversion reports, and dynamic redirection?

It might sound obvious, but your content needs to be able to draw the customer to your website and to your brand.

5.  By adding disclosures links to your website, you offer complete transparency to your readers.



How To Put in a Link

First, open a blank document in Word or Docs and copy and paste the affiliated code into it.

Next, go to your WP  site and sign in and select the blog you want to use the affiliate link on. (Always back up before changes)


Affiliate links can also be grabbed and inserted automatically from Amazon,Clickbank, eBay, Walmart, Shareasale, CJ, etc. but you would need their API which is available when you sign up as a partner.

The business side of  Affiliate Marketing

We need skills in doing this and motivation to keep it up until we make money

There is lots of competition

We need a Unique Product

Creative Ways to convince customers to buy,

We need info of Taxing  on Income and paying Income Tax on monies coming in

ShareASale is one platform that I will use to get product to my customers.

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